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Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

The Direct Drive garage door opener technology offers a traveling motor that attaches directly to the garage door.

The 24V DC motor glides silently along a stationary chain, creating the quietest and most durable garage door opener on the market.

The Direct Drive garage door opener is Strong and Durable like a chain drive and Quieter than a belt drive.

LifeTime Warranty
The highest customer satisfaction
Europe's Leading Innovative Technology
Made in Germany

Direct Drive Revolutionary Garage Door Opener Revolutionary Garage Door Opener

Check out the Direct Drive, Easy to install and ready-made for 8 foot garage doors!

The Direct Drive garage door opener represents the best in quality and reliability in garage door openers. Considered the quietest opener on the market, this install-friendly and sturdy unit will not disappoint. Backed by a lifetime warranty on the opener and a two year warranty on accessories, we are confident that the Direct Drive garage door opener is the last you’ll ever buy.

Available in a ¾ HP or 1 HP option, the Direct Drive opener features a stationary chain in a sturdy steel rail and has only one moving part located in the traveling motor carriage. Other manufacturers make chain drive, belt drive, or screw drive type openers, which rely on many moving parts to operate your door, the Direct Drive completely eliminates the rotating belt, chain, or screw, making it the quietest garage door opener. The Direct Drive design also gets rid of belt or chain sag and is virtually maintenance free.

The Direct Drive opener is perfect for low-head room or low-ceiling applications and can be mounted off center of the door, or even on its side beneath the door track, freeing up valuable overhead storage space in your garage. The Direct Drive garage door opener comes ready to install on an 8 foot door, no costly extension kits or extra accessories needed to open your garage door. The Direct Drive is great for swing doors too! The swing door fitting (additional kit purchase required) automates your carriage style swing doors just as quietly as a sectional door.

Along with the high quality materials and performance of the opener, the Direct Drive is equipped with a rolling code frequency for added security and is compatible with the Homelink wireless control systems in most 2003 and newer model year vehicles.

Direct Drive Opener
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